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  • Euroricambi Group

    Spare parts for the aftermarket

    Development of the group Digital Ecosystem and online communication strategy to enhance the companies competitiveness on the international markets and create new business opportunities.

The highly important company on the international aftermarket spare parts field, involved Webgriffe with the role of Digital Leader for the realization of the new group digital ecosystem: Euroricambi Group contains in one name Euroricambi, AM Gears, Eurotec and Lambert Getriebeteile.

Webgriffe activity has been part of a comprehensive review of Digital Strategy and group identity started in early 2019 and successfully concluded in spring 2020 thanks to the supervision and involvement of the marketing, IT, sales, and area managers of the group companies. Webgriffe has been responsible for the project coordination and technical direction with Strateg.ee for the Digital Strategy and Performance Analysis activities and Menabò for the design and development of the new Brand Identity, Content Creation activities and photo and video shooting.

The Webgriffe team has directly taken care of the entire User Experience Design phase dealing with the front-end and back-end development of the group site on the Drupal CMS frameworks and all the connected SEO activities simultaneously.

Particular attention has been paid to the design and development of the entire product research area: thanks to Elasticsearch technology it has been possible to make research and extraction of data fast and performing dealing with the more than 80,000 products on the three different AS400 company management.

The system Webgriffe designed and developed is perfectly integrated with the group companies information systems, the Marketing Automation platform SharpSpring and the CRM SugarCRM for the management of shared leads with the entire sales network. Thanks to its scalability it will be able to accompany Euroricambi Group in a new phase of opening up to the market.

“ We found Webgriffe an excellent digital partner and a real facilitator who accompanied us with a lot of patience and professionalism along an important group digitization path. ”

Marzia Monteventi
Marketing Manager